What We Do

We keep it simple at Whoa, we deliver DJs dance tracks!

We service:
worldwide tastemakers, territory tastemakers, specialist radio, international radio, territory radio, holiday radio, international podcasters, media, reviewers, retail, holiday residents, residents DJs, club DJs.

We offer two very simple packages.



Delivered by Inflyte Promo System

Worldwide Tastemakers

Worldwide Specialist Radio

Weekly PDF Feedback Report via DropBox

Campaign Length 3/4 Weeks



Delivered by Personal Email

& Inflyte Promo System

 Worldwide Tastemakers

Worlwide Specialist Radio

International Radio & Territory Radio

Media, Reviewers & Retail

International Podcasters

Residents & Club DJs

Ibiza & Holiday Residents DJs & Radio


Weekly PDF Feedback Report via DropBox

Campaign Length 4/5 Weeks

We have a strict quality control policy on any promos we send out. This means if we feel the track is not right for our lists, we won’t be able to send it out.

For remix package creation and advice please contact – www.playlistagency.com
For spotify promotion services please contact – www.thebillsagency.com
Mix and mastering services please contact – www.chrisdececio.com