Great to see @KungsMusic 'Paris' and @domdollamusic 's remix of @DUALIPA 'Don't Start Now' jumping up the @1001tracklists 'Newcomer Chart'!

Great to hear both @mistajam & @AnnieMac dropping the @PurpleDiscoM remix of @DUALIPA 'Don't Start Now' on @BBCR1 over the weekend!


Congrats to @Lowsteppa @jpcandela @sansixtomusic @JackWinsMusic for hitting the @1001Trackstats 'Overall Chart' this week!🔊🔊🔊

The @domdollamusic & @PurpleDiscoM remixes of @DUALIPA 'Don't Start Now' are taking the world by storm! Early plays and support from @BBCR1 @petetong @diplo @MartinGarrix @scott_mills @theastonshuffle @FatboySlim Slim @davidguetta @tiesto and many many more!

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